In our increasingly complex and rapidly changing world, we need quiet reflection and informed comment more than ever. This is just one reason why it gives me such pleasure to announce the inaugural issue of Indian Quarterly.

We hope IQ will be an oasis of calm thoughtfulness amidst the frenzy of our over-caffeinated, socially networked age, offering freshness and respite and positive inspiration.

In recent years there have been fewer and fewer magazine vehicles for the thoughtful long-form journalism that so many of us love and enjoy. With IQ we hope to fill some of that gap and to provide a home for the best in essays, features, essay-reviews, photo-essays and travelogue.

At the same time we would like IQ to be symbolic not just of India’s new status in the world, but also of the sophistication, elegance and cosmopolitanism of the best Indian creators and their products. We have therefore aimed for a judicious mix of new and well-established writers and artists, and a balance of Indian and international talent.

IQ is a national and international magazine. We hope that just as The New Yorker exhibits a distinctly Manhattan sensibility and always contains articles about New York City, IQ will manifest the fact that it is edited and published in Mumbai through its cosmopolitan and open-minded perspective on the world and on India.

In fact, we hope to provide a unique way of interpreting our ever changing culture, and to define our own experiences through the strength of thought, ideas and imagery, be it in the form of fact, fiction, poetry, illustration or photography. IQ is therefore a paean to the polyphonic nature of reflection and the creativity that is its outcome.